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An East Rockaway, New York resident, attorney Marc Rovner works at BETA Abstract, LLC, as general counsel and director of business development. Frequently recognized for his outstanding customer service, Marc Rovner won Martindale-Hubbell’s 30-Year Silver Client Champion award for faithfully serving clients since passing the bar in 1988.

Martindale-Hubbell has built an online Legal Marketing Network that has incorporated other trusted brands such as,, and Almost 24 million consumers visit Martindale-Hubbell websites each month to research lawyers using or The service allows consumers to search online legal profiles and attorney reviews to find the best attorney to represent their needs. In addition, the website offers a chat feature that allows consumers to ask questions and get connected to the right attorney.

Certain attorneys who achieve a high-level of positive feedback from clients receive a Client Champion award that appears on their profile page and in search results. In addition to the database and chat services, Martindale-Hubbell has hosted or built 40,000 attorney websites over the past few decades.


Client Champion Award Recognizes Attorney Dedication to Clients


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Marc Rovner, Attorney

East Rockaway native Attorney Marc Rovner serves as the general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract LLC, a multimillion-dollar title insurance firm with offices in Oceanside, New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Over the course of his career, Marc Rovner has received numerous awards and commendations for his professional achievements. Most recently, he earned the 2018 Client Champion Silver Award from Martindale-Hubbell for the second consecutive year.

The Client Champion Awards celebrate attorneys who deliver excellent legal services and garner significant positive feedback from their clients. These attorneys also demonstrate ongoing commitment to their clients and represent less than 1 percent of all legal professionals rated on Martindale-Hubbell. Award presentation is based on the quality and quantity of the attorney’s Martindale-Hubbell client reviews.

The award is divided into three levels: silver, gold, and platinum. Attorneys who earn a Silver Award must possess an average score of 4.0 or higher across three or more client reviews, while a Gold Award requires an average score of at least 4.2 across six or more client reviews. An average of 4.5 or higher across 10 or more client reviews is required for a Platinum Award.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Program

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Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

Attorney Marc Rovner is a resident of East Rockaway who serves as general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract LLC. His work as an attorney has earned him the Client Distinction Award from multiple times. Moreover, Marc Rovner supports charitable organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Founded in 1974, the Ronald McDonald House provides support services to families with sick children worldwide. The organization operates in more than 64 countries and has helped millions of families through its core programs, which include Ronald McDonald Houses, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles.

Unlike the House and Family Room programs, which focus on housing and comfort for families at fixed locations, the Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles provide access to medical services through specially equipped mobile vehicles. Each vehicle measures 40 feet long and eight feet wide; features a reception area, a laboratory, examination rooms, and an area for medical records; and costs roughly $500,000. Moreover, each vehicle may offer services such as immunizations; pediatric specialty care; well-child visits, primary care, and developmental screening; mental health assessment and referral; and nutrition counseling. For additional information on the program, visit

A Look at Sushi Rice


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Sushi Rice

Marc Rovner is an accomplished attorney, who has received the Client Champion Silver Distinction from Martindale-Hubbell as well as the Client Distinction Award from and His responsibilities include the role of senior staff attorney at BETA Abstract, LLC. An Avid New York Giants fan, Marc Rovner loves traveling outside his hometown of East Rockaway and enjoys seafood and sushi.

A Japanese dish, sushi consists of cold rice to which vinegar has been added and that is garnished with seafood, vegetables, or other ingredients. As rice is the central component of sushi, proper preparation is essential. It should be fluffy but firm. Moreover, the right variety of rice should be used to achieve the proper texture.

Traditionally, a Japanese short-grain white rice has been the ideal choice for sushi. Varieties of this kind include Uruchimai, a sticky rice that is ideal for chopsticks, and Mochigome, whose high gluten content gives it a chewy texture. Developed in 1948, Calrose rice is grown in California and is used to cook Japanese meals in North America. However, strictly speaking, it is not a Japanese rice. Calrose includes the Kokuho Rose and Nishiki varieties, which are known for their good flavor and texture.

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Provides Health Services Worldwide


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Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

East Rockaway, New York, native and attorney Marc Rovner serves as general counsel and director of business development for BETA Abstract, a title insurance company. Beyond his responsibilities as senior staff attorney for the firm, Marc Rovner supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

RMHC’s core programs include the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, which provides children in need with access to health care through more than 50 care mobiles operating worldwide. With a holistic approach to health care, the program offers a broad array of preventive and treatment services. The program operates through a fleet of 40-foot-long advanced vehicles that feature two patient examination rooms, a laboratory, and an area for reception and medical records.

Preventive services focus on educating children and their families about behavior and lifestyle choices that promote health and reduce overall medical costs. Children can also receive immunizations, dental care, and treatment for chronic and acute illness from the mobile care program. In addition, mobile care staff help refer families to primary dentists and physicians for ongoing care.

New York Mets Sign Slugger Jay Bruce


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Jay Bruce

With a juris doctor from Boston University, attorney Marc Rovner resides in East Rockaway, New York, and manages business development for BETA Abstract LLC and its five offices in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Beyond his responsibilities as an attorney, Marc Rovner is a passionate fan of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) New York Mets.

The New York Mets traded Jay Bruce to the Cleveland Indians in August 2017, but the team decided to bring back the veteran outfielder by signing him to a three-year, $39 million contract on January 11, 2018. Bruce first joined the Mets in August 2016 after spending the first nine seasons of his career with the Cincinnati Reds. He hit 37 home runs, drove in 94 runs, and recorded a .245 batting average in 153 games with New York. The Indians won 42 of 51 games after acquiring Bruce, who hit seven home runs and drove in 26 runs.

Although he has predominantly played right field throughout his career, the 30 year old is expected to spend some time at first base for the Mets as the team allows Dominic Smith to establish himself as an everyday player in the outfield. A first-round pick in the 2005 MLB Amateur Draft, Bruce is a three-time MLB All-Star who has 277 home runs and a .249 batting average in 1,416 career games.

Reviewer Feedback Provided by Martindale-Hubbell

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East Rockaway resident Marc Rovner applies his legal skills as general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract LLC. An active member of the community in addition to his work as an attorney, Marc Rovner received the Client Distinction Award from and in 2015. Marc Rovner then received the Client Silver Champion Award from Martindale-Hubbell in 2017.
At Martindale, the Client Distinction Award honors attorneys who achieve an average client review score of 4 to 5. The award is administered by Martindale-Hubbell, a leading attorney rating and review firm that also operates and

Martindale-Hubbell, which also connects attorneys with clients and their peers, enables clients to provide valuable feedback by rating their personal experience with an attorney. To be eligible for reviews, attorneys must first provide the college and law school they attended and the year and state of their admission to the bar. Reviewers can then rate attorneys on their ability to communicate, responsiveness, and quality and value of service provided, and attorneys are allowed to make a one time comment in response to each review. Moreover, reviewer information is treated anonymously, and ratings data can be used by registered attorneys as they wish.