Penn State THON Raises Over $10.6M This Past Weekend

Kristen Peterson is a senior at Penn State University, where she studies Public Relations and Business. She has also been member of the Public Relations Student Society of America THON committee for her last 2 years at Penn State.

THON is a student-run philanthropy committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by cancer. Its mission is to provide emotional and financially support, spread awareness and ensuring funding for research, all in pursuit of a cure. THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. “FTK” stands for the kids!

Traditionally, Penn State hosts thousands of dancers and students who gather at the Bryce Jordan Center. The BJC is the home base for THON, where volunteers stay committed on their feet for an entire 46 hours straight. The awareness and donations raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Due to COVID-19, those dancers participated from their own homes this year. Over the past 47 years, the dance marathon has raised over 178 million. The money raised helps children and their families fight cancer. This year, $10, 638, 078.62M was raised!

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Program

East Rockaway, New York, real estate and title law attorney Marc Rovner is highly involved with charitable organizations operating in his area. In addition to donating attorney services to families undergoing divorce and volunteering at the Puppy Love Pet Rescue, Marc Rovner supports the work of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

The RMHC are best known for their flagship program, which provides free accommodation to the families of children receiving treatment at pediatric hospitals. The RMHC has also established a mobile health program that improves health care access to children and youth in underserved communities in the US and several other countries.

The program is delivered in collaboration with local health providers, community organizations, and medical and dental schools. Patients up to 21 years old can receive routine check-ups, dental care, diagnostics, and essential screenings. Many of the RMHC mobile clinics are also staffed with social workers who can carry out mental health assessments. To increase affordability for families, the program accepts Medicare and prices its services on a sliding scale.

How Divorce Impacts Children

East Rockaway, New York-based attorney Marc Rovner has led the multistage legal department for Beta Abstract LLC, a title insurance company, for more than almost two decades. In addition to his work as an attorney, Marc Rovner supports several child welfare charities, including the Children’s Rights Council. The organization provides resources to help families minimize parental conflict during divorce.

Divorce is always difficult for children. When parents separate, much of their children’s daily lives and routines are disrupted. The children may have to change schools, move, or travel between two houses. Some children may feel responsible for the divorce, while others feel angry and resentful.

Divorce can weaken the bond between the child and the noncustodial parent. All of these changes can manifest as poor academic performance, risk-taking behaviors, and mental health issues. Parents who separate peacefully and continue to cooperate in their parental obligations can reduce the stressors felt by their children. If necessary, parents should work with a therapist or social work to support their children.

Overall Handy Tips to Execute Claims Prevention in the Insurance Industry

As the director of business development at BETA Abstract, LLC, in Oceanside, attorney Marc Rovner manages and integrates business development activities for the title insurance company in five offices. He has also served as general counsel at the firm since 1998. An attorney from East Rockaway in New York, Marc Rovner has been recognized for his accomplishments in the area of claims prevention.

Claims prevention hinges on the identification of potential claims situations and subsequently preventing them. The practice optimizes operating costs and reduces critical losses; below are some pointers to robust claims prevention execution.

Having a Distinct ManagementSystem: It is important to understand the dynamics of an organization’s workforce. Identifying the management cycle from planning through supervision and review enables higher visibility for likely claims events.

Running Consistent Risk Evaluations: A combination of scientific and statistical approaches could help determine vulnerable spots. The organization can research the possible risk factors and document its findings to draw up actionable plans. Regular reviews would highlight progress and make provisions for changes in operations.

Steps to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

An experienced legal practitioner, attorney Marc Rovner is the director of business development and general counsel at BETA Abstract, LLC. The title insurance company provides full service title, settlement, and closing services for commercial and residential real estate deals. A native of East Rockaway in New York, attorney Marc Rovner supports several charitable organizations, including the Children’s Rights Council. Established in 1985, the Children’s Rights Council (CRC) aims to ensure that children maintain a long-lasting relationship with their parents despite marital status or challenges.

One of the issues CRC tackles is child neglect and abuse due to parents’ separation or divorce. Child abuse entails every form of maltreatment of a child by an adult. Neglect is also considered child abuse since child abuse transcends physical violence. Child neglect implies the inability to provide for a child’s basic needs like health care, housing, clothing, education, and adequate supervision, among others. Some of the ways adults can help prevent child abuse and neglect are listed below. Report any child abuse or neglect case Concerned adults should call the local police or department of children and family services when they have reasons to believe a child might come to harm or is already abused. Calmly discipline children Always discipline your children when you have calmed down rather than when you are upset. Consider rewarding good behaviors as an incentive to improve your child’s behavior. Educate children about their rights Teach your kids how special they are and how it’s their right to be safeguarded from abuse and neglect. This practice will help them easily report an offender.

The Children’s Rights Council’s Safe Haven Centers

Attorney Marc Rovner of East Rockaway, New York, serves as general counsel and director of business development at the title insurance company BETA Abstract, LLC, where he oversees business development in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. A supporter of the Children’s Rights Council (CRC), East Rockaway attorney Marc Rovner earned the CRC Man of the Year Award in 2004.

CRC was founded in 1985 to protect the best interests of children and ensure they have fair access to both parents regardless of marital status. It accomplishes this goal via advocacy and its three Maryland-based access centers, where parents can facilitate the peaceful transfer of custody and conduct supervised visitation meetings if necessary. These access centers are known as Safe Haven Centers, and are operated in partnership with the Prince George’s County Circuit Court.

Supervised visits as long as four hours are offered at Safe Haven Centers every Saturday, and times are generally determined by judges. All parents visiting their children at these centers must review and follow the rules and guidelines, the most important of which is that no child shall be left alone. Moreover, parents and others approved by the courts are the only ones permitted at Safe Haven Centers.

Kellogg Cereal Provides Ronald McDonald’s Residents Breakfast

The general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract, LLC, Marc Rovner has over two decades of experience working as an attorney at an insurance company. An East Rockaway resident, Attorney Marc Rovner also supports the Ronald McDonald House.

In August, the Ronald McDonald House announced that Kellogg Cereals would be serving breakfast to 144 families who are staying with the charity. The Ronald McDonald House has long been known for assisting families in finding support programs that assist with health and welfare of both families and children.

Because traveling back and forth from the hospital can be hard for families, Kellogg’s contributions will be welcome for these families. As part of the multi-year program, Kellogg will distribute 100,000 meals and snacks to people staying in Ronald McDonald’s homes while their children are receiving medical treatment.

This program is an extension of the Kellogg’s Better Days Program, which supports families getting their nutrition and reducing hunger. Kellogg’s Better Days Program has donated in excess of 2.5 billion servings of food around the world since 2015. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the program has also distributed close to $17 million in food and money to hunger relief efforts globally.

Hope through the Giving Program at the Garden of Dreams

East Rockaway attorney, Marc Rovner, contributes his time and money to a number of area causes. Outside of his work as an attorney for BETA Abstract, LLC, based in Oceanside, one of the causes Marc Rovner contributes to is the nonprofit Garden of Dreams, based in New York City.

The Garden of Dreams provides NYC children with access to funding opportunities through its Giving program. The nonprofit collaborates with MSG Entertainment, MSG Sports, and MSG Networks, Inc. to help kids in the city experience life-changing opportunities they might not have on their own.

The program funds both scholarships and projects that enrich the community. Since 2015, the Garden of Dreams has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships through its Inspire Scholarships to high school students in the Tri-State area.

Outside of giving scholarships to high school seniors, the Giving Program also funds community projects. Some of the projects that have been funded include refurbishing the gymnasium at SCO Family Services and remodeling the outpatient welcome center at Hackensack University Medical Center, among others.

GOSR Partners with Hofstra University to Launch Summer Program

Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery  pic
Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery

A recipient of the Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion award, Marc Rovner lives in East Rockaway and serves as a senior staff attorney at BETA Abstract, LLC, in Oceanside, New York. Marc Rovner of East Rockaway volunteered for the New York Rising Hurricane Sandy Relief that was facilitated by the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR).

On July 13, 2018, GOSR announced its partnership with Hofstra University in launching the first year of the Summer Science Research Fellowship. The program received funding of $240,000 through the Living with the Bay Project, a regional initiative focused on implementing strategies that will reduce the risk from flooding while incorporating environmental benefits.

The Summer Science Research Program aims to encourage future scientists to engage in community efforts that will preserve and promote the local environment. The fellowship program includes an intensive five-week course offered to at least 18 talented high school students from Long Island. The course focuses on the development of environmental research projects in connection with the stormwater management of the Mill River Watershed in Nassau County. Participants will work in teams to complete unique research projects focused on strengthening the understanding of the watershed’s condition.

The Annual Garden of Dreams Foundation Talent Show


Garden of Dreams Foundation pic
Garden of Dreams Foundation

A magna cum laude graduate of Boston University and a resident of East Rockaway, New York, Attorney Marc Rovner serves as the general counsel for BETA Abstract LLC. In Oceanside , New York. Also a dedicated philanthropist, Marc Rovner volunteers with nonprofit groups such as the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a social services organization in New York City.

The Garden of Dreams Foundation partners with the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers, and dozens of other New York-area organizations to support children with serious illnesses and children from underserved communities. In addition to offering grants for community projects and scholarships to area students, the Garden of Dreams Foundation hosts an annual talent show.

Held each year at Radio City Music Hall, the Garden of Dreams Foundation Talent Show brings together more than 125 children and their families to perform on the legendary stage. The theme of the 2018 event was “Together We Dream.” In addition to the performers and their assembled families and friends, the show featured celebrity presenters and participants such as John Oliver, Michael Che, Victoria Canal, and the Rockettes.