The Martindale-Hubbell Gold and Platinum Client Champion Award 2020

Marc Rovner serves as the senior staff attorney and director for business development at Beta Abstract, LLC, a multimillion-dollar title insurance company. A member of the East Rockaway, New York community, Marc Rovner recently won the Martindale-Hubbell Gold Client Champion Award for 2020, which he also received in 2019. In 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 attorney Marc Rovner with offices in Oceanside and East Rockaway, New York won the Martindale-Hubbel Silver Client Champion Award. In addition it his Gold Client Champion Award, he also received the Platinum Client Champion Award for 2020!

Attorney Marc Rovner received the Gold & Platinum Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion Awards of 2020

The Martindale-Hubbell Silver Gold Champion Award

Marc Rovner serves as the senior staff attorney and director for business development at Beta Abstract, LLC, a multimillion-dollar title insurance company. A member of the East Rockaway, New York community, Marc Rovner recently won the Martindale-Hubbell Gold Client Champion Award for 2020, which he also received in 2019. In 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 attorney Marc Rovner with offices in Oceanside and East Rockaway, New York won the Martindale-Hubbell Silver Client Champion Award.

Martindale-Hubbell is considered the gold standard in attorney ratings. The Silver Client Champion Award is given to lawyers who have garnered client review ratings of 4.0 to 5.0, with the Gold level requiring higher ratings from a greater number of reviewers. Attorney Marc Rovner has received perfect score 5.0 reviews from 100 percent of his reviewers, an amazing accomplishment

Attorneys are rated in four categories:

1. ability to communicate,

2. responsiveness to client needs,

3. quality of service, and

4. value for the money.

Of the 900,000 lawyers eligible for the award, only 1 percent have earned the Silver Client Champion Award. Less than half of one percent attain gold as Attorney Marc Rovner did the last 2 years.

Recipients of the Gold and Silver Client Champion Award may display their certificate on their websites, in their email signatures, and in other marketing materials. The award is also displayed in the awardees’ profiles on and

Steps of the Title Closing Process

An attorney based in East Rockaway, New York, Marc Rovner works as the director of business development for BETA Abstract, a title insurance company with offices in three states. In addition, Marc Rovner is a staff attorney at BETA Abstract and has taught a title closing course at Hofstra University.

The title closing process starts with a sales contract signed by the buyer and seller of a real estate transaction and delivered to the title closer. An escrow agent receives the escrow and opens a title order for tax information, survey documentation, maintenance fees, and other documents.

The title closer then conducts a search of the public records, including deeds, mortgages, wills, and liens, etc. The point of this search is to identify any potential issues that may affect the title of the property, or call into question its validity. Upon reviewing the documentation and any additional instructions, the title closer schedules the closing date. Then, the seller signs the deed and closing affidavit, and the buyer signs the new mortgage and note, completing the transaction.

Business Development Tips for Title Insurance Companies

Attorney Marc Rovner of East Rockaway, New York, is the general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract LLC, a title insurance company headquartered in Oceanside. Marc Rovner has been a senior staff attorney for BETA Abstract for more than two decades. His responsibilities include managing and integrating business development in five offices and three states.

Title insurance companies require the expertise of business development representatives to implement winning strategies that will boost insurance sales.

One of these evergreen strategies is establishing an online presence. In this generation of widespread digitization and internet usage, title insurance companies cannot afford to neglect the importance of having a user-friendly website or mobile app that communicates their values and services to clients. Potential customers are increasingly relying on their internet-enabled devices to do almost everything from shopping for clothes and accessories to renting homes.

Social media and search engine optimization are also vital to improving outreach efforts. Title insurance providers should create educational and fun content around their services and promote that content widely.

Types of Title Insurance Policies

A native of East Rockaway, New York, Marc Rovner is an experienced attorney and political science graduate from Boston University. He is the general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract LLC, in New York, a title insurance company, where he oversees the legal department as well as business development activities. Attorney Marc Rovner also teaches continuing legal education in the areas of real estate, especially title insurance.

Title insurance is a policy used in real estate transactions to protect homebuyers and lenders from risks associated with property title problems. Title risks include forgery, ownership by other persons, lawsuits/judgments against the asset, or wrong signatures on property documents.

However, there are two title insurance classes: a lender’s title insurance/ loan policy and an owner’s title insurance.

Lender’s title insurance protects the lender from property title issues: for instance, if another party makes a legal claim to the asset. It is mostly used in mortgage loan process. This insurance title does not protect equity, but rather safeguards the lender if legal constraints prevent the seller from legally passing title ownership.

An owner’s title insurance policy aims to shield the homebuyer. It is optional, needs to be purchased only once, and its coverage is usually equivalent to the price of the home. The sellers pay for it to safeguard the purchaser’s equity/investment in the property.

Stewart Title Reduces Wire Fraud through Partnership with CertifID

An East Rockaway attorney and resident, Marc Rovner has been the general counsel and director of business development at Beta Abstract, LLC in Oceanside since 1998. For his work as an attorney in the insurance industry, Marc Rovner was given the 2018 Pacesetter Award and the 2018 and 2019 Guarantee Heritage Award by Stewart Title Insurance Company.

In an October 2020 press release, Stewart Title Insurance announced its partnership with CertifID to help reduce the incidence of wire fraud. Incidentally, Stewart Title Insurance is considered the leading provider of underwriting and settlement services for both commercial and residential real estate.

Wire fraud is one of the real estate industry’s priorities because of the number of transactions that are handled remotely. Real estate fraud continues to rise, but CertifID’s patented product has helped businesses safeguard more than $30 billion in wire transfers, protecting lenders, buyers and sellers nationwide, and title companies-including Stewart Title.

Hofstra University is Voted Best in Value, According to US News

University, Lecture, Campus, Education

Marc Rovner, an East Rockaway resident and attorney, is the general counsel and director of business development for Oceanside-based BETA Abstract, LLC, which can also be found online at In addition to his work as an attorney in the insurance field, Marc Rovner has taught a titler’s closure course at Hofstra University in New York.

Hofstra University was listed in the US News and World Report as one of the nation’s best colleges for 2021. Hofstra University offers 165 undergraduate and 175 graduate programs and 11,000 students.

The US News and World publication found Hofstra University to be one of the nation’s best value schools and to have a high ranking among Long Island’s private universities. These rankings were based on 17 academic-quality indicators at 1,452 bachelor’s degree programs across the country.

The publication recognized the university in a few areas. Its engineering program was ranked 33 of 220 non-Ph.D granting academic programs, and its undergraduate business program ranked in the top 30 percent of 511 schools. The school was ranked in the top 100 for the best value and it is considered one of the best for veterans.

Kellogg Cereal Provides Ronald McDonald’s Residents Breakfast

The general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract, LLC, Marc Rovner has over two decades of experience working as an attorney at an insurance company. An East Rockaway resident, Attorney Marc Rovner also supports the Ronald McDonald House.

In August, the Ronald McDonald House announced that Kellogg Cereals would be serving breakfast to 144 families who are staying with the charity. The Ronald McDonald House has long been known for assisting families in finding support programs that assist with health and welfare of both families and children.

Because traveling back and forth from the hospital can be hard for families, Kellogg’s contributions will be welcome for these families. As part of the multi-year program, Kellogg will distribute 100,000 meals and snacks to people staying in Ronald McDonald’s homes while their children are receiving medical treatment.

This program is an extension of the Kellogg’s Better Days Program, which supports families getting their nutrition and reducing hunger. Kellogg’s Better Days Program has donated in excess of 2.5 billion servings of food around the world since 2015. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the program has also distributed close to $17 million in food and money to hunger relief efforts globally.

Hope through the Giving Program at the Garden of Dreams

East Rockaway attorney, Marc Rovner, contributes his time and money to a number of area causes. Outside of his work as an attorney for BETA Abstract, LLC, based in Oceanside, one of the causes Marc Rovner contributes to is the nonprofit Garden of Dreams, based in New York City.

The Garden of Dreams provides NYC children with access to funding opportunities through its Giving program. The nonprofit collaborates with MSG Entertainment, MSG Sports, and MSG Networks, Inc. to help kids in the city experience life-changing opportunities they might not have on their own.

The program funds both scholarships and projects that enrich the community. Since 2015, the Garden of Dreams has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships through its Inspire Scholarships to high school students in the Tri-State area.

Outside of giving scholarships to high school seniors, the Giving Program also funds community projects. Some of the projects that have been funded include refurbishing the gymnasium at SCO Family Services and remodeling the outpatient welcome center at Hackensack University Medical Center, among others.

Top Lawyers Win Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion Awards

An East Rockaway, New York-based attorney, Marc Rovner is general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract LLC. In the course of his work as an attorney, Marc Rovner has received the Client Champion award from Martindale-Hubbell three times.

The Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion awards are an exclusive distinction, given to attorneys who have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and client service. Recipients are selected based on scores garnered from client reviews. The Client Champion awards are categorized into three levels: platinum, gold, and silver.

The Platinum Client Champion award is the top award, reserved for lawyers who received a minimum average score of 4.5 out of 5 and at least 10 client reviews. Meanwhile, the Gold Client Champion award is bestowed on lawyers with a minimum of six reviews and an average score of 4.2. The Silver Client Champion award is given to attorneys with at least three client reviews and a minimum average score of 4.