How Residential Title Insurance Indemnifies Against Risk

Marc Rovner is an East Rockaway, New York-based attorney who works with BETA Abstract LLC, where he informs legal operations at the title insurance business. Among Marc Rovner’s activities in the East Rockaway area is providing continuing legal education in the area of title insurance and real estate law. Attorney Marc Rovner was also recently awarded the 2019 Martindale-Hubbel Client Champion Award for the fifth consecutive year.

As described by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, title insurance is a type of indemnity policy that offers mortgage lenders and home buyers with protection in case unknown defects arise in the property title, during or after a real estate transaction closing. This backward focus is unlike standard policies that look toward future events, such as life or home insurance.

Issues protected against by title insurance include things like outstanding liens and unpaid taxes associated with a prior owner of the property. Another area of protection is encumbrances such as fraud, forgery, omissions in deeds, and record mistakes that can present a challenge to the right of ownership for the new owner.

The complexities inherent in property ownership, over periods extending decades, means that nearly every lender requires that any home buyer taking out a mortgage must purchase a title insurance policy. This policy covers an amount equivalent to the loan and indemnifies both the buyer and lender against risk.

Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion Award


An attorney in East Rockaway, New York, Marc Rovner has served as general counsel and director of business development at BETA Abstract for nearly 20 years. Marc Rovner’s achievements as an attorney garnered him recognition as a Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion at the platinum level in 2019, 2020 and 2021

A respected law sector information services company, Martindale-Hubbell has been listing the best attorneys in the United States since 1868. It has been collecting client review ratings since 1896.

Martindale-Hubbell introduced the annual Client Champion awards in 2017 to recognize attorneys who excel at client service. The organization distributes awards at three levels that give the public a solid understanding of the real-world experience that clients have had with particular lawyers.

The three levels represent different amounts and standards of client feedback. Silver Client Champions have received a minimum of three client reviews and an average client rating of at least 4.0. Gold Client Champions have at least six client reviews with a minimum average client rating of 4.2, and Platinum Client Champions have at least 10 client reviews with a minimum average client rating of 4.5.

How to Eat like a Native in Barcelona

Barcelona pic

A native of East Rockaway, New York and a magna cum laude graduate from Boston University, attorney Marc Rovner serves as general counsel and director of business development for BETA Abstract LLC. In his free time, Marc Rovner enjoys traveling, and claims Barcelona as his favorite city.

Food and meals play an important role in Barcelona social life. As a result, the city offers delicious, enticing cuisine to visitors. To eat like a native, start with a light continental breakfast, usually found in bars. Most residents drink café con leche or a cortado as well as a croissant or other breakfast roll.

Lunch is the most important meal of the day and tends to include three to four courses, beginning with soup or salad, followed by a meat dish, and topped off with a light dessert of fruit, yogurt, or crema catalana. Lunch is always served with bread and wine and between the hours of 1:30 to 4. Finally, dinner tends to be lighter fare, with many indulging in tapas. One famous snack is pa amb tomaquet, bread rubbed with olive oil and tomato and served with cheese and cold cuts. Most Catalonians eat around 10 at night but restaurants are opened earlier.

Be warned: many restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Also, visitors looking to get authentic cuisine should avoid places in La Rambla.

What Is a Title Closer?

The recipient of several client distinction awards, East Rockaway, New York, attorney Marc Rovner specializes in real estate and title insurance. In addition to serving as the general counsel attorney for BETA Abstract title insurance, Marc Rovner has taught a title closer’s course at Hofstra University.

Title closers are legal professionals who are involved in the later stages of real estate transactions. These individuals review contracts and public records to ensure that titles are free of liens or other defects. Title closers are also responsible for managing any necessary monetary transfers to finalize the deal.

Most title closers possess at least a high school diploma and have completed additional coursework in real estate law, tax law, and business. Several universities also offer title closing certifications. Since many of their responsibilities include validating documents, title closers are also advised to register as notary publics. They may be employed by real estate companies, title firms, and other related industries.

Penn State THON Raises Over $10.6M This Past Weekend

Kristen Peterson is a senior at Penn State University, where she studies Public Relations and Business. She has also been member of the Public Relations Student Society of America THON committee for her last 2 years at Penn State.

THON is a student-run philanthropy committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by cancer. Its mission is to provide emotional and financially support, spread awareness and ensuring funding for research, all in pursuit of a cure. THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. “FTK” stands for the kids!

Traditionally, Penn State hosts thousands of dancers and students who gather at the Bryce Jordan Center. The BJC is the home base for THON, where volunteers stay committed on their feet for an entire 46 hours straight. The awareness and donations raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Due to COVID-19, those dancers participated from their own homes this year. Over the past 47 years, the dance marathon has raised over 178 million. The money raised helps children and their families fight cancer. This year, $10, 638, 078.62M was raised!

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Program

East Rockaway, New York, real estate and title law attorney Marc Rovner is highly involved with charitable organizations operating in his area. In addition to donating attorney services to families undergoing divorce and volunteering at the Puppy Love Pet Rescue, Marc Rovner supports the work of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

The RMHC are best known for their flagship program, which provides free accommodation to the families of children receiving treatment at pediatric hospitals. The RMHC has also established a mobile health program that improves health care access to children and youth in underserved communities in the US and several other countries.

The program is delivered in collaboration with local health providers, community organizations, and medical and dental schools. Patients up to 21 years old can receive routine check-ups, dental care, diagnostics, and essential screenings. Many of the RMHC mobile clinics are also staffed with social workers who can carry out mental health assessments. To increase affordability for families, the program accepts Medicare and prices its services on a sliding scale.

How Divorce Impacts Children

East Rockaway, New York-based attorney Marc Rovner has led the multistage legal department for Beta Abstract LLC, a title insurance company, for more than almost two decades. In addition to his work as an attorney, Marc Rovner supports several child welfare charities, including the Children’s Rights Council. The organization provides resources to help families minimize parental conflict during divorce.

Divorce is always difficult for children. When parents separate, much of their children’s daily lives and routines are disrupted. The children may have to change schools, move, or travel between two houses. Some children may feel responsible for the divorce, while others feel angry and resentful.

Divorce can weaken the bond between the child and the noncustodial parent. All of these changes can manifest as poor academic performance, risk-taking behaviors, and mental health issues. Parents who separate peacefully and continue to cooperate in their parental obligations can reduce the stressors felt by their children. If necessary, parents should work with a therapist or social work to support their children.

The Title Search Process In New York

Attorney Marc Rovner serves as the director of business development and general counsel for the title insurance firm of Beta Abstract LLC, which operates near East Rockaway, New York. In this role, Marc Rovner oversees attorneys at offices in six locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Florida and Connecticut soon!

BETA Abstract provides all types of title-related services, such as title insurance. Insurance is essential to protect property buyers against any issues not discovered in a title search. Title searches are performed before a real estate transfer is finalized. In a search, an attorney or other professionals look through public records to determine if any problems can stop the sale of property.

Title searches can uncover problems such as unpaid liens, additional owners, and fraudulent paperwork. Prospective buyers may also discover land-use restrictions that can impact their plans for the property. Performing a title search before completing the real estate transaction allows buyers to reconsider their offer if they feel it is necessary.

Rescue Organization Battles Puppy Mills

Real estate and commercial law attorney Marc Rovner has managed title insurance company Beta Abstract LLC., since 2005. Marc Rovner, a resident of East Rockaway, New York, also leads continuing education courses for attorneys and other legal professionals. Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Rovner is an animal welfare advocate who supports the work of the Puppy Love Pet Rescue animal shelter.

Puppy Love Pet Rescue facilitates pet adoptions, provides affordable veterinary care, and organizes awareness campaigns on the dangers of inhumane breeders. The organization educates the public on the benefits of adopting a pet from the shelter rather than from a pet store or breeder. The commercialization of animals has resulted in a rise of puppy mills, where in-demand dog species are bred irresponsibly and kept in unsanitary and crowded conditions.

Puppy mills do no consider the genetic health of their dogs, so their animals are more susceptible to defect and illnesses. Puppy mills also have increased the surplus animal population. As a result, millions of dogs enter shelters every year.

To remove the profitability of the puppy mill industry, many animal welfare groups have advocated for adoption-only pet shops. Under this policy, shops are not allowed to sell animals from commercial breeders.

Gaudi’s Imprint on Barcelona

An award-winning attorney, Marc Rovner received the Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award, a designation reserved for the highest-rated attorneys in the field. In his free time, Marc Rovner often travels from his home in East Rockaway, New York, to destinations in the Caribbean and Europe. Barcelona is one of his favorite cities to visit.

The Spanish city of Barcelona is famous for its distinctive architecture. Catalan artist Antoni Gaudi designed many of the city’s notable buildings. The art nouveau trend, which favored curved, organic shapes over stark and straight lines, inspired much of Gaudi’s work. He also pioneered a mosaic technique that recycled broken tile into colorful facades and sculptures.

Gaudi’s architecture is present across Barcelona. Visitors flock to his Park Guell, a planned community turned museum. Other sites include the Casa Batllo and Casa Mila in the Passeig de Gracia neighborhood. His most famous work, La Sagrada Familia, broke ground in 1883. It is expected to be completed in 2026, 100 years after Gaudi’s death.